Preliminary notes from premodern Venezuela

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January 22, 2018

Keymer Ávila | @Keymer_Avila

  1. Between 8,000 and 12,000 people have been killed by state security forces in the last 3 years. In these cases, the State alleges that they were ” confrontations .”
  2. There are shows and stagings that instrumentalize human beings. The fact that they produce deaths and real pain does not exclude that it is a staging. Some call it false positives.
  3. The relationships between the various interest groups are not linear, everything moves by functionality. There are those who do the dirty work and there are others who “clean” those who do that work.
  4. The rationality of a Rule of Law, which is managed with limits or which at least tries to give that appearance, should not be confused with the Absolute or Police State. What interests the latter is the imposition by force, from a war perspective , it does not seek to be respected or legitimate , being feared is enough.
  5. Terrorist states are the ones that use the antiterrorist discourse the most. Terrorism is a catch-all concept that is defined by those in power according to their current interests In this framework, a terrorist can be anyone .
  6. If a government has nothing to show in social matters, they are good demonstrations of force to try to legitimize and justify its existence .
  7. If the opposite does it, it is a crime, if the friend does it, it is more than justified . Double standards that can progressively lead us to the abyss . Yes, it can always be worse, there is no bottom.

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